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Every company grows through the professional success of its employees.
As a fourth generation family-run business, we place great value on teamwork and recognition of one another. In recognition of excellent performance, we offer our employees the opportunity to climb the career ladder with us.

See for yourself by reading a few personal success stories.


“From machine fitter to project manager.”

“I’ve been at PASS for 5 years now. After completing my apprenticeship as a machine and plant operator I completed a further apprenticeship as a process mechanic for plastic and rubber technology at Pass in the summer of 2017. Towards the end of 2017 I was asked by a supervisor if I would be interested in moving into project management. I jumped on this chance to contribute my skills and knowledge to this area and to be able to further develop them at the same time.

As coolant water and fuel pipe project manager for our customer VW Group, I process customer enquiries, check manufacturability, lead technical and financial coordination discussions with the customer, plan and order suitable injection moulding tools and hand over the project to series production once a successful prototype has been created. Stringent component testing must be carried out with precision and approved by me so that the customer receives only properly functioning parts that perfect match the designs. In order to bring a project to successful completion within the required time, I start by putting together a project schedule and work with all other specialist departments to define the project milestones. My job offers me the perfect opportunity to effectively contribute my specialist knowledge to project planning and to benefit from this. The great thing about PASS? Everyone knows each other and is enthusiastic about their own successes and those of the team.

I’m currently training on the side to become a certified technician. In the future I would like to take on more responsibility and my personal ambition is to become a department head. I know that nothing is impossible at PASS.”

Kağan Gürkan Gökçay
Project Manager for Coolant Water and Fuel Pipes

“I enjoy going to work every day.”

“I started my apprenticeship as a process mechanic for plastic and rubber at PASS in 2004. One year after completing this went to the master school to become a master craftsman in industrial plastic and rubber. I write programs for our machines, optimise production processes, configure machines and am also a trainer for apprentices at PASS. There is a great working atmosphere within this company. All machines are state-of-the-art, there are exciting innovation, and I enjoy coming to work every day.

Thanks to the reliable stream of orders, the job is crises-resistant, there is a company creche and the team hangs out together after work. I’m very satisfied with my current job at PASS.”

Patrick Humberg
Machine fitter, shift manager, apprenticeships officer

“I am the voice of our customers within the company.”

“I got my Bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering in Düsseldorf and have been working at PASS since April 2016. I started in project management for Jaguar Land Rover and took on projects in the areas of brake vacuum lines, coolant water, and oil feed and return.

I have been working for a year now as Key Account Manager for our customer Daimler AG, acting as their voice within the company. I am the main point of contact, communicate our customer’s requirements to the individual specialist departments, put together quotes, lead annual price negotiations, keep an eye on tendering decisions and look after the ongoing development of the customer network. The value the opportunity this gives me to familiarise myself with other sectors, customers and jobs at PASS and to further develop my own skills. I have been able to attend several further training courses and leadership seminars and have even had the opportunity to write my Master’s dissertation for my degree programme at the company.

I have the clear aims of increasing our customer Daimler’s revenues, further developing networks, and to take on the disciplinary responsibility of PASS employees. The things I appreciate about working at PASS are the wide range of products, the excellent team spirit among my colleagues and their readiness to work together to solve problems, especially when the project goals are complex and challenging.”

Julian Kirschbaum
Key Account Manager for Daimler AG

“I am able to experience an international dynamism.”

“I studies international industrial engineering and have been working at PASS since 2012. I keep dynamically progressing, starting as a project manager for our customer Jaguar Land Rover, I became a team leader in 2013 and department head in 2017 before also taking on our customer Ford in 2020.

It is this dynamicity within my job that I also love. In the fast-paced automotive sector, me and my team are responsible for products from the initial design phase, to prototyping and through to series production - always working closely with the customer. I enjoy the diverse range of tasks that my job entails and the fact that, as a team, we are very flexible for reacting to changes made at short notice while adhering to deadlines. Dialogue and site visits to our overseas factories, as well as visits to customers, really enrich my working day. I can put my language skills into practice, travel, and keep myself up-to-date with everything that’s going on. PASS has flat hierarchies and a staff that is young and young at heart.

Many of us at PASS came to the company immediately after finishing our studies and have opportunities here to flourish and develop themselves further. I am very happy to be working at PASS.”

Lina Schönewald
Head of Project Management Jaguar, Land Rover & Ford

“I am able to bring my own ideas into my work.”

“I have been working at PASS since July 2017. After completing my apprenticeship as a forwarding agent, I joined PASS in materials planning. After doing a further qualification in procurement, I moved to the company’s procurement department. In order to keep production running, I ensure the timely procurement and delivery of resources for production, raw materials and tools for the location in Schwelm as well as our locations around the world. In order to do this I consult with our factories, monitor requirement requests and am, at the same time, a crisis manager for material bottlenecks and other supply problems.

Work at an automotive supplier is both varied and exciting. Alongside the opportunity to contribute my own ideas, I appreciate the great team spirit among colleagues. Since January 2022 I have headed up procurement and, together with my team, we pave the way to ensure the business is well placed to go through its current transformation process.

My personal goal is to maintain the success we enjoy today well into the future.”

Jan Vaupel
Head of Procurement

“I create new things”

“I have been working at PASS since 2020. I started as a deputy production manager and process engineer in plastics extrusion. I quickly became involved with more and more development projects in which I am able to follow my desire to research. I had always had an interest in research and am happy that I can contribute my specialist knowledge about plastics and work creatively. I really enjoy creating thins and very much appreciate that, at PASS, my ideas and suggestions are listened to and taken on board. I studied bio and nanotechnology and have furthered my interest in the field of material sciences through a Master’s in polymer sciences. Ich am pleased to have the opportunity to go through and help shape a wide range of work steps before new products get off the ground. I carry out research into process optimisation for our production department, supervise and support our overseas factories in extrusion processes and work on the development of new components. Constant improvement and further development are important to me.

There are still more men than women in technical professions today. I am happy to see that PASS employs many women, some of which also hold key leadership positions. PASS makes personal growth possible and my strengths are recognised and fostered. I am pleased to be able to say: I helped developed the parts in this car.”

Lea Katharina Bünger
Extrusion Process Engineer