Thermal Management.

Thermal management systems for vehicles with all kind of drive systems.

Thermal Management

PASS optimises the thermal efficiency of vehicles.

The different types of vehicle drive system require a high degree of flexibility and development expertise of the supplier. PASS GmbH & Co. KG has just the diverse experience required. We develop and produce piping for the cooling circuit in vehicles with combustion engines, hybrid and battery-electric vehicles as well as for fuel cells in hydrogen vehicles.

We develop and produce elastomer piping, metal piping and thermoplastic piping that is adapted to the specific application. Our aim is to achieve optimal cooling for vehicles with all kinds of drive systems as well as to improve the range and life of batteries in hybrid and battery-electric vehicles. Our diverse product portfolio also features our proprietary connectors and valves (mechanical and electric).

Our Products for Thermal Management


Coolant and Heating Pipes

Coolant and heating piping systems for combustion engines.


Coolant piping

Coolant piping for cooling and heating 48 volt BEV systems and fuel cell vehicles.


Modular coolant valves

Modular coolant valves for optimal thermal management in the battery circuit in BEV and fuel cell vehicles.