Fluid Management.

High-quality media carrying pipe system for the automotive sector.

Fluid Management

PASS offers custom-designed components and complete solutions.

To guarantee the proper supply of media within vehicles, PASS develops and produces custom-designed complete solutions. As a competent partner in the field of media carrying pipe systems, we combine our extraordinary materials expertise with a high degree of vertical integration.

We work with a wide range of different materials to produce elastomer hoses (single and multi-layer), plastic pipes (single and multi-layer, corrugated), metal pipework as well as valves and connecting elements for carrying fuel, water, air and oil.

Our products for chassis applications


Sensor cleaning and washing valve block

Modular valve block for sensor cleaning with variable number of outputs and multifunctional output circuits.

Pipe systems for windscreen washing systems and sensor cleaning.


Fuel pipe systems

Fuel pipe systems for engine fuel-supply with pressure, crash safety, temperature and emissions reduction requirements.


Oil pipes

Oil pipes carrying engine oil for lubrication of exhaust gas turbochargers from the engine oil circuit to the turbocharger and back.


Coolant piping

Coolant pipe systems carrying cooling medium.


Crankcase ventilation lines

Crankcase ventilation lines to lead off blowby gas from the crankcase to the inlet tract.


Vacuum harnesses

Vacuum harnesses controlling the turbocharger boost pressure.


Transmission ventilation

Oil pickup pipes: oil is fed from the oil pan to the pump through the oil pickup pipe. The integrated filter mesh prevents any contamination from reaching the pump.